The Gabriel Course

Our flagship course develops deep theological understanding, practical application, and a broadened mindset. Inspired by the Abrahamic tradition of tutorial discussion and debate, this modular programme delivers a lively, innovative, and engaging learning experience.

With a distinctive learning style and transformative impact

Do you know the fundamentals for a believer?

The Gabriel Course is a modular programme designed to be highly engaging and build the core foundations of your faith, empowering you to lead a godly life and flourish with purpose. Providing you with a structured journey, the curriculum is faithfully adopted from the famous hadith of Gabriel to prepare you for the real-world challenges shaping today’s environment, whilst cultivating you to be agile with the skills and confidence to navigate the ever-evolving nature of the world.

The curriculum reflects the performative discussion between Gabriel and the Prophet which specifically took place to teach those in attendance, that:

  1. “being faithful is to have faith in God, His angels, His messages, His messengers, the Last Day and Divine Decree - its good and its bad."

  2. submission (to God) is to testify there is no god but God and Muhammad is His messenger, to uphold salat, give the zakat, to fast the month of Ramadan, and journey to the House where feasible."

  3. excellence is to serve God as if you see Him, and though you do not see Him (knowing) He sees you.”

When Gabriel eventually left, the Prophet told those in attendance: "That was Gabriel who came to teach you all your deen." In this hadith, the Prophet defined the three aspects of deen that all believers must know, and it is those things we are committed to teaching comprehensively.

In this programme we don't merely regurgitate medieval debates or give you a list of things to remember, we explore them profoundly to draw out their purpose and meaning. 


So why do you need to do this course?

  • because most people are not adequately informed on the fundamentals which then diminishes the faith's potency and renders it inoperable,
  • to study deen intelligently and gain a deeply informed, coherent and compelling understanding of what God wants from you - rooted in revelation - and in a way that is overwhelmingly transformative
  • to free yourself from unnecessary baggage and develop a healthy and edifying relationship with God,
  • to discover the formula to contentment and success as God tells us,
  • to develop your intelligence and analytical thinking in a way that is transferrable to all aspects of your life.

Our Philosophy

A philosophy of practical learning is embedded into the programme allowing you to develop real-world skills. It is built on analytical thinking, exceptional maturity, interdisciplinary analysis and an expansive study of revelation that encourages openness, curiosity, critical thinking and the pursuit of relaxed excellence. The academic and real-world experiences of our cohort brings rich insights and discussion to every facet of the programme. It is the perfect place to pivot towards a constructive conceptualisation of godliness that is deeply fulfilling.

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What the program looks like:


Faith, Religion, and the Six Pillars of Īmān

You begin with understanding what īmān is and move on to the six foundations. Ground your perception of reality in the core fundamentals that God explicitly speaks about, including:

  • What īmān actually is and how to develop and manage it in a relationship with God.
  • The six foundations: how to conceptualise them and their purpose.
  • What God wants: how the six foundations contribute to cognitive and emotional flourishing.

You’ll finish this module with a foundational framework around perceptions and emotions. With a deeper understanding of practical īmān and its purpose, resolved questions and tensions, and an increased fascination with God, you'll have a sound approach for godly behaviour.

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The Five Foundations of Submission

Submission to God is founded on five core activities. Learn about them for meaningful behaviour and with a sense of purpose. Understand how they ought to be realised to aid human flourishing, including:

  • What the five foundations are and how we might institute them effectively.
  • The practical meaning of the five foundational activities and the purpose they are meant to serve.
  • Why the five activities are foundational and how they contribute to human flourishing.

You’ll finish this course with a clear and holistic picture of the ancient Abrahamic foundations that compels a heartfelt commitment to uphold and enjoy subservience to the Most High.

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Excellence in Serving God

Having understood Īmān and the foundations of submission to God, we progress to cognitive behavioural cultivation meant to facilitate an approach to achieve optimum outcomes (ihsān), including:

  • What the cognitive factors for achieving excellence are, and how we might effectuate them
  • What practical mindfulness is and its association with meaningful practices
  • Why the five activities are foundational and how they contribute to human flourishing

You’ll finish this course with an effective strategy and a coherent understanding of how cognitive and emotional management develop true subservience to God.


The Last Day and After

You end with a comprehensive understanding of the completion of the earthly leg of your existential journey. Meaningfully learn about your next destination, what the possible outcomes are, why we're told about them, and how to decide accordingly, including:

  • How to conceptualise the events of the Last Day and thereafter
  • What the court of God looks like and how the justice system operates
  • How the End isn't really the end and what to possibly look forward to

This course concludes the program offering you a profoundly comprehensive understanding of the basics and inspiring you to develop on this foundational framework to achieve your best self and God's friendship.


Shaikh Mohammed Nizami

We're passionate about all things God and revelation related, and we've set out to provide you with a deeply thought-provoking experience that will inspire you with the confidence to engage God wholeheartedly and meaningfully. This isn't just a course but a journey - a quest to discover truth, meaning and the purpose to all things. We're certain that God's guidance will progressively transform you into the best version of yourself, and we're enthusiastic about helping you get there!

"“I have taken a large number of courses over the last 20 years or so on topics related to Islam. As helpful as those courses were, after a while, it became clear that a significant proportion of them were simply repeating the same information without ever really operationalising it in today’s context. For a long time I looked for a course where both the teaching and the materials delivered that mix of graduate level academic study and application of ideas in the style of a professional course. The Modules programme is that course. It provides a profound, contextualised understanding of the prophetic narrative and enables one to dye their world with submission to God. Furthermore, the calibre of the participants on the course and the resultant level of good natured, intellectual exploration with those sincere believers was worth the entry price alone. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!"

- Omar

"The modules have been mind-blowing in a way I could never have envisaged. It's totally changed my outlook and thought processes and improved me in every way. Sh Nizami doesn't just teach information, he literally guides you to develop your analytical skills, makes you question your own fallacies (or stupidity lol), and guides you on how to effectively manage your psychological state and your emotions, seeking inspiration from the book of God. I also found the student forum extremely valuable - being with cool likeminded people (who now feel like family!) and having intelligent discussions has been SO refreshing."

- Zaynab

"I've been on my own religious journey for over a decade, trying to find what actually works and also accords with the Quran. I struggled to find something holistic that filled that empty gap until now. As a parent I would always get stuck explaining things to my growing kids and I knew my religious baggage wouldn't work for them but now this course helps me to satify their questions. It's not just about being intellectually savvy or having the 'right answer', it's all really practical and intensely compelling. When I didn't fully get something, the 1:1 tutorials really helped to clarify niggling points. As a parent I feel deeply indebted to Sh Nizami, may Allah preserve him."

- Susan

"Religion wasn't working for me and I had become really cynical. But this course led me back to a phenomenal conception of God and lit a fire inside of me by engaging my mind and my heart. Everything Sh Nizami teaches is grounded in "common-sense reasoning" and the scriptures. God never leaves the conversation. Shaikh strikes a great balance between theory and the practical. I think about everything far more deeply now, and that's partly to do with the discussion on the epic forums. This course takes it to another level - it's not just learning, it's a life experience!"

- Raheem

"I've now completed two modules which takes you on a journey through time and introduces God to you. Shaikh Nizami has an engaging presence, incredible passion, and I commend him for his tireless efforts and enduring energy to keep us engaged on the course. Shaikh actively encourages us to engage, which makes for intellectual and thought provoking conversations. I'd love to retake the modules to further cement my knowledge. It's intense but loads to gain! I know I have personally changed since attending all of Shaikh's courses and I can't wait to continue my journey."

- Sabiha

"The course really is premium and the breadth of knowledge is mind-boggling. I could listen to Sh Nizami all day! I don't think anything like this exists out there, either in content or quality. The perspectives are unique yet deeply rooted in the Quran and sunnah, and the teaching melds ancient religion and the modern world seamlessly, taking the best from everything. It's been a game changer for me, replacing dissonance with positivity and certainty. Now I converse with God all the time and really study events to figure out God's plan in everything that happens."

- Daniel

"The lessons are conducted to allow for dialogue and exploration. We become active participants - rather than passive observers. The topics are distilled into first principles i.e foundational guidelines which allows us to always resort back to God’s book and what He wants, which is very reassuring. It's applied to the modern context and I've found it very practical in my day to day life. The series has encouraged me to delve deeper into subjects like sociology, economics, political philosophy and history. I couldn’t recommend this course enough, it has raised my game in becoming a more practical God-conscious human being in the 21st century!"

- Hisham


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