Welcome to our school, dedicated to creating curiosity and fascination with godliness and the religion of Abraham in modern life.

Faith, Reason, Insight, Progress

Our school is intellectual, yet functional and unpretentious. It is modern, yet acutely informed by ancient history. It is open and welcoming, but with a strong sense of identity.

We passionately immerse ourselves in the contemporary applications of a revelation-first approach where Abrahamic revelation comes to life and enthusiasts develop and enhance their godly literacy and competence through vocational learning. We aspire to a stimulating environment enlightened by analytical and principled thinking, imbued with relaxed excellence.

A refreshing space in which to explore a lived monotheism

Exploration, sense-making and public teaching remains the largest aspects of our activities. With ancient serenity and modern energy, we combine authentic, age-honoured scholarly craft with an innovative edge. Heritage meets a modern sense of rebellion - the modern rules are broken to renew the ancient. We see heritage as the start of our story, not the end. We continue to revisit our roots and look to our past to examine it from a fresh perspective.

This school is grounded in the power of basic, fundamental discovery and its potential to cultivate the way believers see the world, leading to growth and future improvements across personal and public endeavours.

Founded in London but with international relevance

Founded in London, the city's impact on our school is best demonstrated by the its rich cosmopolitan environment: a world class modern city built on ancient ruins and a complex medieval history.

Our members enrol from every continent across the globe and many are accomplished in fields such as law, politics, public advocacy, medicine, engineering, business, academia and media.


We recognise that there is a real need to translate the ancient into the modern, melding the best of human endeavours free from reactionary dogma. We want to help build a better revelation-based culture – one that is creative, confident and honest. One that facilitates people to become the best versions of themselves across all spheres of their lives.

Current practices prioritise ethnic parochialism, sectarianism or personal interests at almost any cost. This is damaging people's wellbeing, presenting God's profound guidance as unfeasible or substandard, and undermining the quality of godly thinking and strategic solutions for future generations.

Young people are growing up riding the most substantial wave of technological change in recorded history, along with its social and political effects. All of this change comes amid a climate of economic precariousness and ideological disorientation. Believing parents are often left bereft of structured thinking and spirited solutions to nurture godliness in their children, whilst young people find they have nowhere to seek compelling answers from.

Our aim is to provide a thoroughly enjoyable journey that will ignite your curiosity, fuel your imagination, and inspire you to see and influence the world around you in new and exciting ways.


Premium and comprehensive programs based on integrated research, scholarly knowledge production, and real world experiences.


Functional and holistic cultivation that enlightens and deeply resonates with intelligent non-specialists, facilitating a cultivated authentic self.


Grounded personal development rooted in revelation-based narratives and informed by therapeutic techniques.


The continued support of our members provides the help to speed progress in advancement, public advocacy, and strategic solutions.

Join us in our mission to spark wonder and curiosity today and inspire those of tomorrow.

Sh. Mohammed Nizami

Shaikh Nizami is the institute director, founded in response to a growing demand for quality online learning and instruction. He graduated from Al-Azhar, Warwick, LSE and UCL in theology, political and legal philosophy, international relations, shari'ah legal studies, education, and business administration (Exec MBA). He also memorised the Quran and studied a classical curriculum in several shar'i disciplines. With rich and varied experiences he co-founded a political advocacy group, an arbitration service, and served as a consultant and advisor to numerous organisations. He is also a strategist, life coach, and occasionally teaches submission grappling.

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