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Discover the primordial tradition of Abraham through the Ishmaelite covenant. Compelling truth, radical creativity, self-development, and fresh perspectives for better decision making in the modern world.

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The Religion of Abraham

Free exclusive course introducing the fascinating tradition of Abraham

Sept 2024

Faith and Reality 

Module 1 discovers the meaning of 'faith' and explores six key features of reality in revelation.

Sept 2024

Foundations of the Code

Module 2 analyses the five foundations of adherence to the Code and its purpose

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The A Game

Module 3 offers godly training in what it takes to achieve optimum outcomes.

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The Gabriel Course

Our flagship course develops deep understanding, practical application, a broadened mindset and an enlightened approach. Inspired by the Abrahamic tradition of tutorial discussion and debate, this modular syllabus delivers an innovative and engaging learning programme.


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SAS equips intelligent non-specialists with revelation-based breakthroughs founded on first-principles. Our curiosity provokes mythbusting and fresh research-based perspectives for better decision-making. We pave the way for self-development and research geared toward solving demanding problems.

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Omar's testimonial


"I have taken a large number of courses over the last 20 years or so on topics related to Islam. As helpful as those courses were, it became clear that a significant proportion were simply repeating the same information without operationalisation. For a long time I looked for a course where both the teaching and the materials delivered a mix of high quality study and application of ideas in the style of a professional course. The Gabriel Course is that programme. It provides a profound, contextualised understanding of the prophetic narrative and enables one to dye their world with subservience to God. Furthermore, the calibre of students and the resultant level of good natured, intellectual exploration with sincere believers was worth it alone. I cannot recommend this institute highly enough."


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