The Gabriel Course

Module 1: īmān and the six pillars

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Welcome to the first module of the Gabriel course


Welcome to the first module of the Gabriel Course, a curriculum presented by the angel Gabriel on what all believers are required to learn, where you study the fascinating and fundamental concepts that define īmān (faith) according to the Quran. Yet fundamental doesn't mean basic. We explore concepts with profound relevance and depth, feeding into a holistic narrative that makes sense of all things.

Revelation might be ancient but it is timeless and relevant today as ever. God speaks from the vantage point of being beyond time. This īmān (and its six pillars) course is where Brian Cox meets the Quran and we take an epic journey through the universe like you've never experienced before! It’s a mind-bending voyage where captivating storytelling explores the six pillars of īmān in an authentic and relevant way.

  • Who is God?” A being in the sky? Beyond the universe - but what is beyond the universe?
  • He created everything” But what is everything?
  • He created an order of the universe” What is that order?
  • He sent messages” Where, how, and why?
  • It will all end” But will it really?


What are the 6 pillars of īmān about? 

Well they’re features of existence we need to know about in order to have an accurate perception of reality, and consequently the correct understanding of human life and meaning. We cover the idea of “God and Allah” in describing the Great Entity, God of what exactly, and how the order was created and maintained (angels and qadr). We study the Quranic perspective on life, existence, and purpose, and how revelation and God’s messengers fit into it all. You gain stellar insights into the universe's grandeur and the Quran's profound insights.  

On this course you’ll discover what īmān actually is, how to cultivate it and manage it, and what it’s meant to practically afford you. Over four months, you’ll also go through six fascinating features of reality described in revelation that are needed to shape your understanding of your life. Connect with like-minded seekers and engage in lively discussions. This is for curious souls hungry for deep enlightenment and knowledge that will transform their lives and those close to them. Sign up a journey that transcends boundaries and expands horizons. It's time to bridge the modern gap between our knowledge of reality and the profound teachings of the Quran.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill learning experience; it's a full-fledged training ground for inquisitive minds. Say goodbye to the dusty shelves of academic theory and wave farewell to the same old 'Islamic courses' you've seen a million times. We get it, and we're on the same page if you've grown weary of that routine. But here's the twist – we're serving up a whole new dish, and it's not your standard fare. If you were expecting a bland recap of theology or the usual recitation of the six articles, well, think again. What awaits you here, with the divine assistance, is a journey into practical relevance and the signature deep-thinking of our scholarly tradition. We're not about oversimplifying or dwelling on the basics. Nope, we're bringing a millennium's worth of scholarship weight, blending it with cutting-edge insights, and serving up some seriously smart thinking. We're all about making complex ideas accessible and digestible. And if you're worried about sectarianism or getting caught up in ethno-religious debates, relax. We're way past that stage – we're all grown-ups here. Join us, and let's embark on this intellectual adventure together.

We are fearlessly driven by sincerity to God, knowledge that is relevant, and a curious spirit.

Here, we raise the bar for adult learning and unpack revelation - straight from the sources to give you the confidence you need. Our program is tailor-made for the profoundly curious, those captivated by the essence of revelation and truth, and those on a quest for transformative self-discovery. Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey, jaw-dropping revelations, and a heartwarming introduction to the divine faith as unveiled by God. It's a practical, real-life adventure where theory meets the beautiful mess and complexity of everyday existence. Experience the extraordinary today!


How is the module delivered?

  • Sunday evening Live seminars on Zoom (recorded for catch-up and revision)
  • Live QA sessions during the week (evening)
  • Podcasts and resources via the online learning hub.
  • Telegram messageboard and forum for ongoing 24/7 discussions

The contact time for the course is unprecedented, and we’ve found a way to make it immersive but undemanding. It's a lifestyle for people on the go! Additionally, you can log on to the weekly live Zoom session on Sunday evenings (recorded) through your smartphone/device whilst everything else is delivered through the online learning hub and Telegram app.

Designed for busy people, the program keeps you continuously engaged. On the forum, indulge in topical discussions, ask questions, and catch up with short explanations (text and audio recordings) whilst doing your chores or on the go! You'll be invited to the Telegram forum to discuss course content with like-minded people as a virtual community. Dip in whenever you feel like it to catch up on discussions, it's always lively and thoroughly engaging!  


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should:

  • have a comprehensive understanding of the six articles that is coherent and employs first-principles,
  • develop the ability to engage issues covered in this module in a reasoned, systematic, and intelligent way,
  • functionalise īmān in your life in a way that constructively guides your thoughts and behaviour,
  • be transformed by your learning into a confident, stable and sound believer making good decisions in the world and experiencing positive outcomes across the board.

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What to expect:


After exploring īmān as both a concept and practical tool for cultivating the healthy emotions humans need to get them optimally through life, we look at the six key elements intended to shape our perception of reality and facilitate īmān:

  1. El’Lah, which in the Semitic languages means ‘The one to be served.’ We get to know the supreme entity as recognised by righteous Semitic peoples for over 5000 years. Who is this entity, why and how did He create the order that exists, and what is the nature of our relationship to Him? What does īmān in El’Lah mean? And what does it necessitate?
  2. There are beings of light who operate El’Lah’s order. Who are they, what do they do, and what is their function in the order? What does īmān in them practically effectuate for us?
  3. ‘The one to be served’ has sent decrees to humans. What are they, how useful are they, and how are they to be understood? What is the point of īmān in messages of old, especially if they have been "corrupted"?
  4. The one to be served has sent messengers to humans from amongst themselves. From before the ancient Akkadian Abraham, to his Arabian descendant Muhammad. Why are they important to us and why must we have īmān in a range of historical figures over millennia that seem practically irrelevant to us today?
  5. ‘The one to be served’ created reality according to an order and all things occur in that order. So if we are to have īmān in this, how are we culpable for those things already ordained? How then do we have free will? What’s the point of doing anything if it is all already decreed?
  6. What is the Last Day about? Will we be judged and are we all doomed? What kind of reception might we expect from God on the Last Day and how has modern preaching twisted the truth and maligned El’Lah?

A general breakdown:



In this section, we look at where the Quranic perspective of ‘God’ comes from, the term “El’Lāh”, and the notion of ‘faith’. We explore:

  • How to characterise God and the idea of "faith" and "worship"
  • God’s titles and qualities
  • God, space, and time
  • The Abrahamic conceptualisation of  monotheism and its parameters
  • The sunnah (ways) of God: logic, system, and order
  • The āyāt (signs) of God
  • The sharī’ah – God’s law
  • Does God ‘test’ people?
  • “Why does God allow suffering?” The role of human perception (with case studies)
  • Believing in God vs Īmān in God



In this section, we look at the relevance of angels. We explore:

  • The story of light
  • The reality of descriptions: bodies and wings
  • The nature of angels: free will, obedience, and abilities
  • The type and role of angels
  • Why is it important to know about angels?
  • What is ‘believing in’ vs īmān in angels? Is it merely affirming their existence?



In this section, we look at the idea of revelation and the revealed ‘books’ and whether this is even the correct term. We explore:

  • What ‘book’ means and what is in it/them: Revelation and the Tablet
  • What is “revelation” and its purpose?
  • What makes the Quran “from God” and how can we know?
  • Is the Quran different from other books? Is it inimitable?
  • Why make reference to the scriptures of other Prophets and what is their relevance?
  • The significance of “People of the Book
  • What does īmān in all the books mean?
  • Have the books been changed? What does preservation in this context mean?



In this section, we study messengership and prophethood. We explore:

  • What does it mean to be God’s messenger, and what is a Prophet?
  • Why are there messengers?
  • Are there proofs of prophethood? How can we know a claim is true?
  • Being exemplars: are messengers ranked? Are they gendered?
  • What is the salawāt?



In this section, we ask what “qadr” means – is it really divine decree/determinism, or have we imported these ideas into Abrahamic theology? We explore:

  • Algorithmic order and paradoxes
  • God's creative ability
  • Natural laws
  • Position, time, and purpose
  • Free will vs predestination
  • The importance of qadr to psychology and emotions
  • Why do "bad" things happen? How do they happen?
  • Why aren’t all things equal? (Rich/poor, peace/violence)


Last Day

In this section, we explore what īmān in the Last Day concerns and what its affirmation is meant to serve. We explore:

  • Why there is a Last Day and whether it’s simply Judgement Day
  • Where and when will it take place and who are the main players?
  • Is the purpose of this life simply preparation for the Last Day?
  • The state of believers and disbelievers
  • Questioning and weighing deeds: The principle of Accountability
  • What kind of reception to expect from God
  • What is God’s mercy and justice?