Ramadan Quran Program 24

Read the entire final testament with a scholar


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Over the course of a month we take an epic journey, engaging in a succinct study of the entire Quran, cover to cover, to reorient ourselves to the primordial message and take the path of the ancients.

This exclusive program affords you the unique opportunity to gain a profoundly meaningful overview and foundational understanding of God's final decree to mankind under the guidance of a scholar who empathically tutors you through the message. Designed for intelligent non-specialists, you get to see what you haven’t seen before and a deep understanding of what God wants.

Fascinating daily audio podcasts and live evening sessions on Zoom
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Over 4000 years ago...

Designed for busy people, the program keeps you continuously engaged this Ramadan. Prepare for your daily reading with audio podcasts whilst doing your chores or on the go. And along with the daily live sessions, our Telegram forum is curated for students to learn and discuss the content as a virtual community, indulging in topical discussions and asking questions.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this program, having gone through the entire book you should have a foundational understanding of what God is saying, where He is coming from, and what the entire message is about. You'll be able to reflect on assumptions made about God versus what He actually wants. You'll be able to characterise God, your relationship with Him, and the order of all things in a way that reflects revelation. This program gives you the light to see how life ought to be and the impetus to drive towards positive growth, productivity, overachievement and seeking optimum outcomes in all things.


"I have experienced a true paradigm shift. I am constantly challenged, my brain has not stopped hurting! I finally established a relationship with Lord of the Universe...the way God wants to be seen has allowed me to show my servitude to the Most High with humility. I believe I have grown exponentially in the last year than I had all my life." 


"I was interested in finding out more about Islam so I joined the course but I found something that transcends everything I have read or heard. This 'recital' is better than any religious claim - it is the divine authority speaking from 'on high' to all of humanity across time. I don't think any religion faithfully conveys what I've just experienced! I recognise the truth (which was clear just a third of the way in) and affirm my subservience to the Almighty. God bless you!"



"Having gone through the Quran with you this Ramadan, I want to go through it again immediately! With a pinch of context, you have brought it to life and in doing so you have brought out the meaning and purpose of everything. I have newly affirmed what I previously thought I knew - I renewed my testification!"


"It was the first time we went through the Qur'an translation and it definitely made our Ramadan the most productive one ever. It was an awe inspiring and hard-hitting experience, and has left us wanting more. As born Muslims, it was an eye opener to learn the roots and background of being from the religion of Abraham. We looked forward to the sessions every night, and the entire family will miss it immensely." 


"It has been an amazing  and beneficial journey. This overview has been missing from my Quranic education for many years now and I've tried many different programs but none provided the techniques to approach the understanding of how everything relates to each other. I have been praying for something like this regularly and God has granted it to me through you this Ramadan."


"The enjoyment of these nightly Quran sessions cannot be compared to anything else I have encountered in life and I can't imagine spending my days and evenings any differently. If I were to summarise my experience in a few words I would say that when you hear someone speaking truth you just cannot deny it no matter what your situation or starting point is and studying the Quran in such a meaningful way has felt like pure nourishment for the mind, body and soul."

Program leader

Shaikh Mohammed Nizami is a British shar'ī scholar graduated from the universities of LSE, Warwick and Al-Azhar (Cairo). His interests include scriptural study (tafsir), law and legal theory, history, political philosophy and practical theology.